Waterburn High Carbon Steel Fly Tying Hooks.

OK Waterburn dont actually make their own Fly Tying Hooks. They teamed up with a major manufacturer who provide the fly fishing world with some of the best hooks available. Waterburn take care of the packaging and because of the massive bulk purchase power, they bring you these superb forged high carbon steel hooks at a unbeatable price. Not just that but Waterburn guarantee you if you are not happy with the product they will refund you in full

The waterburn Fineline range is a quality driven focus on a wide range of products for the fly fishing and fly tying world. These high quality High Carbon Steel Hooks are used worldwide by every major commercial fly tying organisation.

Switch to one of the finest hooks available today for less.

Waterburn High Carbon Steel Hooks

Waterburn Fineline Longshank HCS Hooks (pack 25)

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