Epoxy Buzzer type trout flies

EBS or Epoxy Suspender Buzzer Fishing Flies, truly fantastic fishing flies for sub surface action. The EBS buzzer is now hugely popular and is must for your fly box.

The team here at Fish Fishing Flies have also developed a wide range of EBS Epoxy Buzzer patterns.

Our fishing flies are tied on the highest quality hooks available. The materials used are sustainable and offer exceptional value for money.

All of all our trout fishing flies whether EBS Buzzer or not catch more fish than any other type.

Fish Fishing Flies only supply the best quality trout and salmon fishing flies. we also focus on pattern development and pattern testing. There is very little point creating new fishing fly patterns if they do not catch fish.

With over 1500 individual patterns and the best quality range to chose from at the lowest uk prices. Make your next trout fly purchase at fish fishing flies.

Fishing flies epoxy buzzers
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