Waterburn Fineline UV Iridescent Shrimp Backing 75mm

Waterburn Fineline UV Iridescent Shrimp Backing 75mm square. This is our Waterburn Fineline range which offers 0.3mm thickness wide and super strong colours and is ultra UV iridescent. This offers between 100 – 150 flies at a price point that is superb.

Quality Fly Tying Materials

Fly Tying using UV Iridescent Shrimp Backing is widely used these days on many modern fly patterns. UV Iridescent Shrimp Backing can be used to add flash and flare to a lure to attract fish.

Waterburn have manufactured a wide range of UV Iridescent Shrimp Backing which are sold in single sheets of 75mm square. You will find every type of shrimp backing you could ever need at a price that is right on the pages that follow below.

The Waterburn Fineline range of fly tying materials offers outstanding results.

Waterburn have manufactured this to be supple and strong with high performance UV and iridescent properties.These Materials are some of the best available on the market today. The backing is 75mm wide x 75mm long which makes around 100 shrimp backs or 150 heads. Tying this material in and locking in place is also very easy giving its super supple nature.

In our opinion it is a must have for many Shrimp or Nymph trout patterns.

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