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Fish Fishing Flies Troutstars Competition
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Fish Fishing Flies, Trout Stars Fly Fishing Competition
Fish Fishing Flies Trout Fishing Competition
Fly Fishers all over the UK

What is Troutstars and how do i enter?

Troutstars is a Fly Fishing competition run by Fish Fishing Flies. The aim of the competition is to get more people out and about and involved in our sport. Troutstars has a yearly top prize of £1000 which is announced on the 30th November 2020. The competition begins on the 6th February 2020.

There are monthly prizes which are £100 winner for fish of the month. £35 for the runner up in fish of the month and £20 credit to your fish account for 3rd place fish of the month.

The top fish judged from February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November will go into the grand final to win the £1000 prize. There is also  a weekly prize which will include our best judged fish of the week. This will be judged by our panel and winners informed by telephone and email. These will win a credit to your Fish account

How do i enter?

Entry is fairly simple, you will need a copy of an order number from us that was placed after the 23rdJanuary 2020. You enter the order number on the form below along with your fish details. The fly the fish was caught on, must be one of ours. The fly must also be contained on the order with the order number submission.

Its also Ok if you bought the flies for a junior or a friend. as long as you have a copy of the order number and the fish pic with the fly you can enter to win.

Here is the entry form submission CLICK HERE

How are fish judged?

Fish are not just judged on weight. we all love a nice big podgy trout, but weight alone isn’t everything. We will take into account, the fish type, where it was caught, which fly caught it, the weight of nylon used. We will also look at weather conditions and the overall experience from the angler. We will judge the skill used to land the fish as well as the circumstances of the catch.

What are the prizes?

The year top prize is £1000, the runner up prize is £250 for the year and 3rd place is £100. These will be taken from entries placed between 6th February 2020 and 15th November. The winner of the top prize will be chosen from the top entries placed from February to November.

Monthly prizes will be £100 for the best judged fish, £50 runner up, £25 for third place and there is a 4th prize each month of a Fly Box with Flies sent with our full compliments.

Weekly prizes are for best judged fish of the week. These will be a £10 credit to your Fish Fishing Flies account.

The prizes are cash prizes paid direct to you and not a credit to your fish account.

What are the rules for entry?

The competition start date is 6th February 2020; The competition closes on the 15th November 2020.

Photographs must be sent to

All entry forms must be completed in full, the entry form can be found here.

Prize winners will be notified on the last day of each month. The grand prize winner will be notified on the 30th November 2020.

The competition is open to anyone who has a qualifying order number dated from January 23rd 2020. The order number MUST be entered on the entry form to qualify.

The fly that caught the entered fish MUST be on the order number that was used on the entry from and it must have been purchased from Fish Fishing Flies between January 23rd 2020 to November 14th 2020.

The Fly must be contained within the picture submitted as part of the entry.

The competition is open to all UK and Eu residents who shop and have a valid order number from Fish Fishing Flies as detailed. Any EU winners will have funds paid in EURO currency as the prevailing exchange rate. UK winners will be paid in Sterling GBP Pounds.

Flies can be barbed or barbless and we advise fly type does not matter.

It is NOT vital that you weigh the fish, we are not just judging on weight.

You can fish Loch, River, Reservoir, Lake, Fishery. Fish species do NOT just have to be trout.

Fish species can be any, as long as they are caught on our fly and this is contained in the photo with the order number.

Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Should you be under 18 years of age. Please ensure a responsible adult enters on your behalf.

You can enter as many times during the course of the year. You will be paid £1 per entry as a credit to your account. You will only be paid this once per month no matter how many entries are received that month. On a new month your first entry will qualify for another £1 credit and so on.


Fish photographs must be clear and not altered in anyway. They must be originals and not copies. The fly which caught the fish must be in the photograph.

we will not accept any entries with file extension relating to software programs used for photo editing purposes.

As privacy can be vital for your personal data please also consider the below.

Any entrant has the right not to be named fully,, IE we can call you Mr F from Falmounth. Rather than using your full name Fred Fox from Falmouth. You also do NOT have to appear in the photograph.

The fish however are the stars of the show, so we do need to see them.

Its important to us that we take your privacy seriously. Each entrant will be contacted and asked  how they would like his or her name displayed when we post the results. This will also apply to how their fish photo would like to be presented as all will be shown on the weekly and monthy updates on the Fish Fishing Flies website.

we will NOT share and off your data with any organisation outside Fish Fishing Tackle ltd.

No members of fish Fishing Tackle Ltd or their families / close friends may enter.

The judges decision is final on all prizes, prize winners will be notified by telephone, email and or letter to their home address. All fish pics must be able to be uploaded to the Fish Fishing Flies website.

All winners images will be posted online on the Fish Fishing Flies Website. They may also be used on social media with the appropriate consent.

Any questions on rulings may be addressed to

Tight lines and happy hunting.