About Us

Fish Fishing Flies was born out of a passion to supply the fly fishing world with a top quality fly product that will last the season, not just a few casts or the first fish that takes interest in it.

For many years, we have been somewhat disappointed with two things in the fly fishing world. The quality of the flies available was either very poor or very expensive.

We felt that fly fishing is fast becoming a very exclusive pastime that could not be enjoyed at the highest level by everyone from beginner to pro fishers.

Our flies are all hand tied in Europe and our products undergo random quality control checks to ensure the user has the best product available in the market at a very fair price. We control the process from material sourcing through to the finished product and quality testing. We have 100% confidence that the end product that reaches you is in tip top condition and fit for purpose.

Retail is our business, but we also sell wholesale. We already supply many fishing tackle shops, fisheries and angling centres with our products in the UK and Europe. This may mean that you are already buying and using our products in the UK waters.

Fish Fishing Flies is a main manufacturer of all types of equipment for fly fishing and other fishing pursuits. The backing from the growth investment enables us to place higher volume orders with our manufacturing partners and, ultimately, pass on the resultant savings to you.

We are passionate about our products and continue to innovate and develop new products as we grow our ranges wider. We would love to hear from our customers whether you purchase 20 flies or 20,000 flies. Get in touch with us and let us know about your experience buying from Fish Fishing Flies.

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