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Fishing Flies - Silver Tungsten Nymph Greenwells Spider


Our Top Ten Fishing Flies are based solely on catch from our test teams. We have shortened this range down to just 2021 patterns which were tested late 2020. These were tested by our teams up and down the UK waters. Fisheries, Rivers, Lochs and Lakes all took part from North Scotland to South Wales. Without pattern testing you simply do not know what works when and where.

Fishing Fly Choice

Choosing the right Fishing Fly or Flies for your next trip are hugely important. Think on where you are going? check local catch reports, speak to the locals on the water. 9 out of 10 fishers will give you the insight you need. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques if your rock solid traditional methods fail you on one day. Fly choice on the day is crucial. Look at the conditions and see whats in the water or in the air.

Fishing Fly Top Ten UK

Many people go on about the top ten fishing flies for trout. Never ever look past a damsel nymph. Popular patterns such as the Blue Flash Damsel have now been modernised with Tungsten heads and can be fished to cover more water quicker. Mayfly patterns such as the Lazy Spinner, will bring trout to the surface and indeed the foam Beetle range gives outstanding fish results.

Our Top Ten Fishing Flies Include some of these popular patterns. Check below and take a closer look at the full catalogue range here at Fish Fishing Flies.

Our Top Ten Fishing Flies

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