New Fishing Flies and Patterns for 2021

Fishing Fly - Silver Tungsten Nymph Olive Bibio Spider


New Fishing Flies for 2021, here at Fish Fishing Flies we are consist in working hard on new pattern development. Last year during the pandemic we could not test or bring as many new fishing fly patterns as we would have wanted. We tested a great deal between August and September 2020 and then sent the details away to the factory to commence tying. We are striving also to bring in the full range now on barbless fishing fly hooks.

Fishing fly pattern book now over 3000

Working hard on pattern development is a long term commitment. With now over 3000 Fly Fishing Fly patterns available. In barbless and barbed hook stock and up to 7 size variations i think you would agree. Pattern development takes a little over 6 months. Ideas are placed onto the bench, we try out a few variables then take them to the water. Out of the 15 -20 patterns we take to the water, 1 maybe 2 will make it to full production.

Success is based on catch reporting

Each tester is given the exact same flies and asked to fish them in a specific way. They rotate on all pegs around the water to reduce the risk of hot spots. They each pattern and report their catches on the card over a period of three – five days. The information is then collated and we decide which patterns make it through to commercial tying and onto the Fish Fishing Flies website.


Come on in and take a look at our new 2021 pattern range at Fish Fishing Flies.


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