Welcome to the Fish Fishing Flies Rewards and Loyalty scheme. This page explains how our loyalty scheme operates and how you can benefit. Here at Fish Fishing Flies we believe in bringing our customers the absolute best we can in fly fishing value for money. Fish have now developed a truly great Rewards Scheme which can be used to grab money off at the checkout or get some really great FREE gifts whenever you purchase.

The Rewards scheme will run now permanently on our website and is open to anyone who registers an account with us here at Fish Fishing Flies. On Registration you will be given a bonus of 100 points as a welcome. For every purchase you will receive 10 points for every 10 pence you spend. 1000 points will qualify for an immediate £1 discount which can be automatically applied at the checkout. The voucher values run up to £20 at the moment and we will have exclusive FREE gifts which will be able to be swapped for points also.

Once you have registered, go to the Tab at the right hand side of the screen and to view your points click on the MY LIFETIME POINTS button and you can keep track. for every qualifying purchase we will email you automatically to let you know how many points you have earned on each transaction.

The checkout area will automatically offer you the discount should you have the required number of points saved (1000 minimum).


Fish Fishing Flies have also developed a superb way to share this with your fellow fishers. On registering your account, the system will automatically send you a code that can be sent to your friends. when they shop following the code registration they are sent, they get an immediate 15% off on signup and you get 100 points too. It wont take long before your totals mount up and you cab save a greater deal at checkout.