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Fish Fishing Flies

Bringing you the best range of fly fishing flies available for Trout and Salmon. Fish fishing flies have the latest trout fishing flies available and also carry a stock range of over 3000 patterns in barbless or barbed hook. We are a premium quality fishing fly supplier. In addition our focus ethos on quality, price and fast delivery. Offering you exceptional customer service focus is key to bringing you fantastic value for money. All our deliveries are made using Royal Mail. Not to mention we especially focus on fly quality so that the customer is placed first every time. Furthermore we believe that equally important to product quality is customer service. Above all our team is dedicated to helping you get a better quality product for less money. Fish fishing flies, the home of Premium quality fly fishing flies in the UK.

 Why do some retailers charge so much for fly fishing flies?

Fishing flies have long crept up in cost as with most things in life. Our absolute focus on quality is coupled with a desire to keep our costs as low as possible. Flies tied on premium quality hooks here at Fish Fishing Flies will cost you between 39p and 55p per fly. Manufacturers who charge £1.50 per fly or similar produce flies that last no more longer or fish better than ours. We operate our own factory and we do not have hungry shareholders. In conclusion buying sustainable raw materials in bulk and sourcing the finest quality hooks from major manufacturers is key to keeping our costs low.

Pattern Variety

Pattern variety is key to our supply ethos. In addition to providing exceptional customer service and product is the range. As a result we stock over 3000 variations of fly pattern. Furthermore testing is key to ensuring absolute performance based on real fishing day use. Patterns you find on our website have all been out on the water and fished for rainbow or brown trout, salmon or sea trout. We have everything from your traditional wet and dry flies, all the way to foam beetles, tungsten jig flies and fishing flies from all over the world.